USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN)

What Is ECCN?


ECCN is a community built by and for its members.

Participation in ECCN gives you the opportunity to engage with people, practices, evidence, and ideas in global and regional spaces in a variety of ways. A global learning network comprised of USAID staff and implementing partners all working together to increase equitable access to safe, quality education for children and youth in crisis and conflict-affected environments. To meet this goal the network gathers, develops and disseminates knowledge, information, tools and resources; delivers member-driven professional development and training opportunities; and actively engages network members on education in crisis and conflict at global, regional and country levels.

ECCN joins the USAID Higher Education Learning Network, the USAID Global Reading Network, and USAID Regional Hubs managed by the USAID Leading Through Learning Global Platform.

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